Original Products is amongst the most technologically advanced contract manufacturers in the region. The company has been in the insulations and home textile manufacturing business for the last 30 years. Currently, the company manufactures different categories of insulation materials, bedding articles, and apparel. The company is well-known in the market for short lead times, and high quality of its products and services.

Having most of the value addition in-house, Original Products is able to give its customers best possible prices maintaining the products’ supreme quality and the shortest possible lead times.

The company maintains 30 years old supply chain of raw materials from suppliers of Eurupean, South Korean, Taiwanese, Chinese and Pakistani origin. The companies maintains its inventory levels in such as manner that all the time there is ample stock of raw materials in stock and in transit.

The company has installed best production units of Polyester Wadding, Processed Polyester Fiber, Lamination, Quilting, and Stitching. All of the production facilities are aligned, so that customer receives shortest lead times with best possible quality of final produce.

Original Products is a contract manufacturing company which maintains its wide range of customer profiles ranging from large manufacturers to wholesalers, and brand owners to retailers. Majority of the Original Products customers are from USA, UK, Europe, Canada, and Australia.